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The Game of Heritage Destruction

Let's destroy some heritage!




In the Game of Heritage Destruction (Beta), two or more teams (or single players) compete to destroy as much heritage as possible.

Note from the developer: The game is experiencing a high volume of sales in its Beta version. When the first customers get their copies, I will implement their feedback. So if you can wait, it will get better. If you can't wait, I'll welcome your views!

It is an educational game, designed to be used in a classroom. The experience is enjoyed to the fullest if one of the players is familiar with preventive conservation principles and can teach the other players. It is also a debating game, where players must persuade each other using conservation knowledge. Players gain an advantage by learning more about the degradation of heritage materials.

It has been created as an educational tool by Josep Grau-Bové at the UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage. It is published here as a beta-version. A 'print at home' version of the game can be downloaded at no cost here: Comments are welcome.

Players will learn:

  • The main agents of deterioration
  • How pollutants, dust, light and humidity interact with a diversity of historic materials
  • The difference between risks (a probability of deterioration) and continuous processes (a rate of deterioration)
  • How the perceived damage depends on the value of the object


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Publish Date September 29, 2020
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Why buy this?

  • Learn and teach preventive conservation
  • Compare the most damaging agents of deterioration
  • Suitable for large groups

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