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The Hunt

A Game of Predicaments




Four friends search a vexatious wilderness for the fabled Stag. Wracked by sickness, losing their way, and beset with bitter cold, will one of these four companions spot the fabled Stag, or will they succumb to the predicaments of The Hunt?

The Hunt is a card game of predicaments, luck, and strategy for 3-5 players. The goal of the game is to be the first player to photograph the fabled Stag. The game is easy to set up and learn, and a game can be played in
30-45 minutes.

The Hunt includes a 31 card deck, 2 scorecards, 10 wooden tokens, and a full color rulebook.

Game Cards - Each of the 31 game cards are composed of a title, an image, rules for that card, and a point value. The rules printed on each game card go into effect as indicated on the cards. Game cards include the following:

The Stag, Lost, Sickness, Cold, Field Mouse, Trout, Berries, Delirious, Nuts, Dusk, Owl, Axe, Campfire, Compass, Snare, Hunter’s Horn, Raccoon, Fox, Coyote, Game Trail (x3), Starlings, Cicadas, Mushrooms, Poppies, The Hare, Bjorn, Marnie, Jules, and Pierre.

Scorecards - The 2 scorecards are used to track the players’ Snapshot and The Stag Trail progress over the course of the game.

Player Tokens - There are 5 token colors and 2 tokens of each color. Each player will choose a color at the start of the game. One token will be used on the Snapshots scorecard and the other on The Stag Trail scorecard.

Download the rulebook using the link below.

NOTE: The Hunt is not yet for sale. If you want a copy, please contact us at the above email for a preview set.

Email us at with questions.


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Publish Date June 30, 2015
Edition Beta 3
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  • Easy to setup and learn yet compulsively replayable
  • A card game of predicaments, luck, and strategy
  • Fun for casual and serious players alike

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