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The Inner Mask Oracle - Stars Deck

A Tool for Self-Reflection, Growth, and Discovery of Inner Truth

The Tarot of the Inner Mask Oracle Deck is a tool for self exploration, reflection, and growth. Its images, and the text accompanying them, can help the seeker to face difficult questions, and foster a deeper understanding of the self, the shadow, and their path.

This is the "Stars Deck," This deck has a new cosmic design. These cards come with titles and keywords printed on the cards for ease of interpretation, mostly in handwritten font designed by the author to evoke a unique mood for each card. This version is great for those who want to get started with the Inner Mask Oracle and would like some built-in help for quickly learning and reading the cards.

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64 Oracle Cards printed on 305gsm black-core matt card stock (the same as Magic the Gathering) with UV coating for added durability.

• Booklet of Meanings containing quick summaries of the meanings of cards for convenience in readings. For the complete meanings plus deeper explanations of the stories behind the cards, please go to THE INNER MASK WEBSITE where you can read the entire text free, and also learn more about the project.

For more information about the deck and for announcements and updates, follow the Inner Mask Instagram @theinnermask Or go to

Designed in New York City. Printed in the USA.


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Why buy this?

“I'm overcome with the wisdom and depth of it.”

  • Surreal and cosmic artwork
  • Deeply detailed book of meanings avail online
  • Can be used as an oracle or a "conversation deck"




Average Rating 3 reviews
Publish Date April 29, 2019
Edition 3.5
Department Tarot and Oracles
Genre Sci-Fi
Theme Magic
Setting Space
Audience Strangers / Ice Breaker
Primary Mechanic Chance
If You Like Magic: The Gathering
More Info The Inner Mask Oracle - Stars Deck web site


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