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The Ninefold Druid's oracle

A Pagan Divination Tool, Free of the Constraints of Wicca or Hermeticism
Nine great Principles of Pagan Symbolism, each Amplified Ninefold to make a Potent & Insightful Engine of Divination.
An oracle deck based on core symbols of Celtic and European Paganism. Each of the Nine Holy Things of the Druids - Fire, Well & Tree; Land, Sky and Sea; Gods, Dead and Sidhe - are amplified into nine deep and meaningful symbols, making an 81-symbol pack. Based in the world of nature and the tales of ancient lore, the symbols resonate easily to produce intuitive and detailed readings.

Download the attached document for a greatly expanded description of the cards, and keep an eye out for Ian's forthcoming small book on the system.


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Why buy this?

  • An Oracle pack for traditional Pagans!
  • Perfect for work with the spirits!
  • Celtic, but useful to any European system.




Average Rating 4 reviews
Publish Date February 24, 2014
Edition First
Department Tarot and Oracles
Genre Religion
Theme Magic
Audience Family
More Info The Ninefold Druid's oracle web site


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