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The Zont Deck

A card game system with a modern twist.

The Zont Deck is a unique card system that is completely different than a regular 52-card deck.

The Zont Deck has three colors with 5 unique suits of 11 cards each. Each suit has three sets of 1,2,3 and one zero and one four.

What makes the Deck different however, is that the suits are more than just a name and a pretty face. Each suit represents a power theme, and how that power works depends on the game being played. For example, the Art suit (+) is Card Gain. So whenever you play a card from this suit, depending on the game, you may draw a card or play another card from your hand.

The suits power themes are: Art (+) = Card Gain Change (-) = Card Loss Favors (4 dots) = Play State Change Great Zont (1 dot) = Immunity to power Giglets (infinity) = Wild power

These suit powers give Zont Deck games a modern twist and present the opportunities for completely new card games.

There are six games for the Zont Deck, two of which come with the deck, and the other four can be found on http://www.zontco.com.


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Cool Factors

  • A completely new way to look at a card deck.
  • Play our games or make your own and share them.
  • It's a piece of alien culture.


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Publish DateJune 10, 2014
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