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Tower of Blood

A classic rogue dungeon crawl with prisoners to save, monsters2slay, lotsa loot & a tower of blood!!




Tower of Blood

The castle has been decimated by plague. You are entrapped in the high tower. The guard lies motionless outside your cage; keys scattered about the prison floor. The way is clear! You make your way from the tower to the infested tunnels below the castle, where runs a subterranean river.

When the final dungeon card is turned, you and how many of your fellow prisoners will remain to swim for your lives and to freedom?

Tower of Blood is an easy-to-play rogue dungeon crawl for up to four players. It can be played easy or hard, solo or in competitive or collaborative mode for up to four friends or frenemies...

To begin, shuffle and place the Prisoner, Monster, Loot and Dungeon decks. Place the first Dungeon card from the bottom of the Dungeon deck. This is the beginning of the adventure. Choose your starting character from the Prisoner deck and take one "bloodstone". If playing in collaborative, four-player mode, you may prefer to lay these bloodstones in a 2 x 2 square to form Level 1 of your tower. Each player must now take “turns” at building a way out, taking and placing dungeon cards from the Dungeon deck and rolling the dice for Fate. Collect weapons, armour, spells, abilities and much more from the Loot deck, rescue your fellow prisoners from the Prisoner deck, and slay some pretty revolting beasties from the Monster deck, claiming their bloodstones as your own. When the dungeon deck is all laid out and the final Dungeon card is turned let’s hope you will be there and that your tower of blood has not toppled to the ground!


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Publish Date February 21, 2024
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Why buy this?

  • Build your characters in pure, unadulterated bloodstone!
  • Easy to play but tricky to win...
  • Play solo, competitively or in collaborative mode.


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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