Tribal Hunt

Hunt, Kill, Survive in this brutal 2 player card game.

What is it?

A brutal two player card game in which the Hunter is trying to kill the Mighty Mammoth to save his village from starvation. Take turns playing as the Hunter and the Mammoth and use Tribe Cards in your village to gain advantages. Lose a hunt and you lose a Tribe Card — your village slowly gives in to starvation and dies.

The player to keep their village alive the longest wins.

Fast-paced battles

The Hunter and the Mammoth each have their own deck. The Hunter Cards contain actions like throwing spears and backing away from the Mammoth to keep a safe distance from the beast. The Mammoth Cards include actions like charging towards the Hunter and lashing out in rage.

Depending on the stance of the Mammoth, a spear throw will either be a hit (scoring a point to the Hunter) or a miss (scoring a point to the Mammoth). Each hunt (one round) is quick, brutal and exciting.

The Village

Both players will have a village of Tribe Cards face up in front of them, each with their own unique ability. Before each new hunt, once you've seen the cards in your hand, select a Tribe Card to activate it. The ability will apply to the next hunt, but it's also the card you will have to discard if you lose the round.

What's in the box?

  • 38 Tribe Cards
  • 26 Hunter Cards
  • 26 Mammoth Cards
  • 6 Distance Cubes
  • 1 Rule Book


Bridge DeckBridge Deck (1 deck of 26 cards)
Bridge DeckBridge Deck (1 deck of 26 cards)
Bridge DeckBridge Deck (1 deck of 38 cards)



Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • Play as the Hunter and as the Mammoth!
  • Cute but brutal — save your village from starvation!
  • Quick and entertaining!


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Publish DateMarch 10, 2018
DepartmentBoard Games
Primary MechanicHand Management
More InfoTribal Hunt web site

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