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Triple Threat - PnP

3 micro games made for 2 players, spanning both sci-fi and fantasy genres.
***This entry is for the Print and Play version of the game where you download the PDFs, print them yourself and supply your own dice. A full version and a cards only version are also available. To purchase the full version, please go here: Triple Threat []. To purchase the cards only version, please go here: Triple Threat - Cards Only [] ***

Better Gnomes and Gardens:
The greatest magazine known to gnome-kind, Better Gnomes and Gardens (BG&G), is about to announce the Gardener of the Year Award. That winner will be elevated to gnome celebrity status overnight if selected. And it just so happens that this year, the magazine will be judging gardens in your area of the kingdom.

Any gnome worth their garden hoe knows that only fairy dust will grow the best flowers. For years, you and your partner have found the perfect spot where the little winged dandruff-sufferers fly. However, with the contest looming, the magical gloves are off between you two. You’ll use your spells to rearrange the garden a bit. Hey, you can’t help it if your flowers happen to be the only ones under the oncoming flying fertilizers. As they say, “That’s just how the seedling sprouts.”

Dragon's Dinner:
For centuries the Elder Dragons have been telling younger generations not to play with their food, but you and your friend want to challenge that. To your surprise, there is so much your food can do. You can keep decorative trophies or intimidate your food in to doing things for you. Sure you could just chomp them down to restore your strength, but it’s so much better to be entertained. Now fun is what’s for dinner.

Conquest of the Cosmos:
Space, a word that means lots of nothing. Your mission is to seek out five points of planetary goodness. To destroy civilizations and others that get in your way. To boldly go and say, “This is mine!”

Why buy this?

  • PDF download - print them yourself!
  • Most affordable way to buy: cost is $1.67 per game!
  • All 3 games use the same 10 dice in different ways!




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Publish Date May 05, 2014
Edition First
Department Board Games
Genre Humor
Audience Casual Gamer
Primary Mechanic Strategy
More Info Triple Threat - PnP web site

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  • This game does not come in a box.


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