Turko Kards

A new take on Classic Tarot Cards

This first and foremost a tarot deck.

Yes These cards can be used to play classic games with a twist.

The deck contains a rectified playing card deck that includes knights, or jack point five as We like to call it.

The suits and colors are seperate aspects of the cards, and there are seven colors, Eight if You count black!!!

The Tarot aspect has four suits, Coins, Staffs, States called Cups, and Mundanes called swords.

The mundanes deal with conversion or use of force.

The states deal primarily with emotions, or feeling, and there influence on the general mental state.

The Staffs represent the direction of, the movement or conversion of energies.

The Coins deal with aspects of prosperity, and their underlying causes, and affects.

The High cards are now properly attributed as aspects of multiple colors and lower suits.

Further more the Turko Kards brand tm rectified playing and tarot card deck is a Smith compatible deck.

It features a refreshing high contrast offset block printing style. Comprised of 100% new original artwork.

This deck should be a very obvious oricle with little instruction. It has been designed to be practicaly self-teaching.

These cards have the new Names as well as the classical names, and numbers.

To use as playing cards remove all the non-applicable cards from the deck. The knights can be used as wilds or removed if a card between jack and queen in your runs bugs You.

These cards are narrow like old cards. These are the closest I can get at this time , to the spirit embodied in the original multipurpose cards from centuries a go.

The images are all original and modern, But the game play and readings are phenominal like days gone by. These have already been happily used by Professional Psychics with resounding aproval.

Images and themes of these cards also allow for use in communication experiments. I have included two sets of Pro Zener tm cards to assist with any experiments You may choose to perform.

You can play many existing games, and/or create new games with these cards.

Another twist is to count colors like You would suits,

So You could have a green run for instance next to a run of heart, with a three of a kind.

I think You get it, So get it now. lol...

Seriously though We had trouble putting these down.


Domino DeckDomino Deck (1 deck of 48 cards)
Domino DeckDomino Deck (1 deck of 48 cards)



Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • Combined tarot deck, With multi color playing card deck
  • Tarot deck combines a new factors of seven colors.
  • All High suit cards attributed to two lesser suits.


DesignerG. Robert Turcotte
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Publish DateApril 20, 2017
DepartmentBoard Games

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