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UFO, Go!

A real UFO! You want to meet it, but so does your opponent. And together you control how it moves...





You've spent your life searching for Extraterrestial Life, and now you've received an incoming transmission from a genuine UFO! This peaceful messenger has come to help advance lonely planets like yours. You readily accept the invitation and send your coordinates, but the UFO is confused. It's getting mixed signals - whoops, you're not as alone as it thought. Another planet just a few lightyears away also got the message and is sending the UFO their own directions.

In UFO, Go! You are trying to get these incoming UFOs to park themselves at your planet instead of your obnoxious intergalactic neighbors. And unfortunately for you, our confused UFO friends are going to move according to what both of you tell it!


Each turn you and your opponent will both say "U-F-O, Go!" and reveal 1, 2 or no fingers. You add up the number of fingers between the two of you and that's how many spaces the UFO moves.


And while the UFO always moves clockwise, one space at a time, there are two spaces in each corner where it's path may change. If the UFO has to move 1 or 3 spaces it continues straight. But if it has to move 2 or 4 spaces, it goes diagonal.


Since the goal of the game is to get the UFO to end it's turn on your Home planet, you'll want it to move diagonally back towards you for another chance to score!

The first player to get the UFO to end it's turn on their planet 3 times wins the game!


UFO, Go! is a fun light game that fits on a poker card. Yep, that's right - this game fits on just one side of a poker card. All you need is a coin, and then you and your opponent are ready to hail a UFO!

If you think it may be too simple because you know how many spaces you want the UFO want to go then I'd agree EXCEPT your opponent knows how many spaces you want it to go. And you know they know you know. And they know you know they know you know... so how many spaces do you tell it to go?! Or do you tell it none at all in an attempt to outwit your opponent?

Each move is loaded, so think carefully but quickly. Because when you hear, "U-F-O, Go!" you need to move fast and anticipate your opponent's actions.

If you've ever played "Odds and Evens" or "Rock, Paper, Scissors" as a kid and would like to play a more advanced version of those games then I would invite you to check out UFO, Go! It's available for FREE in the downloads sections (in both high and low resolution). But it also makes a great gift to buy, because its a quick accessible game and you get 18 cards for one low price.

And if you like what you see then please vote for it in the single card challenge here to get the word out there! Thanks!


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Publish Date January 03, 2023
Edition Second
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Why buy this?

  • Easy concept, but will you be able to outwit your opponent?
  • Nostalgic feel, like Odds and Evens but to the next level!
  • The game fits on 1 poker card. You get 18 for one low price!

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game does not come in a box.


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