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VANGUARD: War on the Frontline 1410

Scheme. Bluff. Strike. Outwit and overpower your opponent in this play-it-anywhere card game.


Let rip the tides of war in VANGUARD 1410, a lightning quick psycho-tactical card battle game for two or four players.


• VANGUARD 1410 is incredibly compact and highly portable: Take this ultimate pub and filler game anywhere, and play a game in less than 30 minutes.

• Great as a casual filler game, or for tournament game nights. Also fantastic as a play-for-stakes game.

• Even as a pub/filler game, VANGUARD 1410 maintains levels of depth, meaningful decision making, and tension that are often missing from other pub/filler games.

• Carefully designed game pacing, with moments of suspense, exhilaration, and triumphant climax.


• Deploy your units to the frontline, in direct conflict with enemy units.

• Win skirmishes by overpowering the enemy.

• Throw bluffs to trick your opponent into defeat.

• Stymie the opposition with a defensive barrier, or inspire an unstoppable rally to steal away a skirmish.

• Read your opponent and regroup to gain a tactical advantage.

• Employ your wits and wagers to capture the most enemy units before the conclusion of battle.




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Publish Date August 05, 2018
Edition First
Department Card Games
Genre War
Theme Combat
Setting Renaissance
Primary Mechanic Strategy
If You Like Poker
More Info VANGUARD: War on the Frontline 1410 web site

Why buy this?

"I really like what it does!" — "We [played] again, and again, and again..." — "I really enjoy the different aspects of the game..."

  • Blends strategy, psychology, and risk taking
  • Highly portable and playable anywhere
  • Mind-blowing artwork immerses you in battle


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game contains a premium upgrade where the printed components will be embossed with a linen texture.


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