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Vegan Vegetable Memory Game

Finally! You're allowed to play with your food!




Perfect for the Vegan or Vegetarian household! Learn to identify your vegetables with this beautifully illustrated set of memory cards. Each pair features a vegetable commonly seen at the grocery store or farmers market. Great for young kids and family gatherings.

To Play Memory:
Shuffle the deck, then lay all cards face-down on the table or floor. The first player turns over two cards. If the cards match, they get to keep the pair and go again. If the cards don't match, it's the next player's turn. Keep going until all of the cards are gone. The player with the most matching pairs at the end wins!


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Publish Date January 03, 2015
Edition Second
Department Games
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Why buy this?

  • Celebrates a plant-based lifestyle
  • Vegan-Friendly -- no barnyard animal images
  • Learn to identify vegetables without even trying

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