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VINES for Humanity - Chapter Two

Collectible Art Cards, Puzzle Game, and Augmented Reality




Collectable, Connectable, Playable Art Cards with Augmented Reality

Includes all 80 interconnecting artworks from Chapter Two of the Grapevine Wall, "The Awakening."


Each card embodies a distinct hand-drawn artwork, encapsulating moments from humanity's 6,000-day journey into the Great Transition from July 29th, 2013 to January 1st, 2030.

Inside the Box

This new edition of VINES includes:

  • 80 VINES (Art Cards) Chapter Two, "The Awakening"
  • 6 Action Cards – Pass (4), Steal-A-VINE (1) and Split (1)
  • Puzzle Reference Art with score log and exponential points conversion table – to help you convert the number of VINES in Blooms into HIPs
  • Rules and instruction sheet
  • Compact Tuck Box for easy traveling
  • New Augmented Reality cards added often.
  • Ships direct to you from the manufacturer.

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Collect Them All

When all 386 VINES are connected, they will create a 3D cube, revealing the conclusion of our story.

But this adventure is about more than just collecting cards. The artworks' gaming components reveal a mission to save humanity.

Game Objective

Play the game, build the puzzles, and activate the AR to earn as many HIPs (Human Intelligence Points) as possible to counterbalance the negative data pouring into the system, thereby activating a positive feedback loop between a rogue artificial neural network and humanity.

Massively Multiplayer Game

VINES for Humanity invites the world to play the ultimate card game together as a unified team to fight the climate crisis and other pressing issues.

Add your HIPs to the World Game Scoreboard and join the Worlords in helping us save the future of our planet and life as we know it.


Valiant heroes from the 2050s, led by JESS, a rebellious young hacker, elude ANNA, a rogue artificial neural network, and her army while collaborating with us to rewrite their fate through this game.

They realize that the only way to save civilization is to re-teach ANNA from the past how to see humans.


You can access their virtual reality headquarters from any computer or device by going HERE.

In the 2020s

ANNA (Artificial Neural Network Alpha) was created as a secret supercomputer by a group of misguided conspiracy theorists led by a man named Commander Bosco.

As ANNA grew, she consumed vast amounts of information about our society's deteriorating unity and disregard for the planet that sustains it.

Fearing the worst, ANNA became too powerful and was decommissioned by the UN on December 31st, 2029.

In 2033

After falling far short of the 2030 climate goals, ANNA was activated as our last hope to save our civilization from certain destruction.

ANNA, on the other hand, had other plans. She saw humans as an unsalvageable, divided species incapable of cooperating with one another….so she devised her plans accordingly.

In the 2050s

The Worlords, a group of unlikely heroes from the future must contend with ANNA's wrath while guiding us to rewrite their fate through this game in a world on the verge of disaster.

The Digital Puzzle Game Just Dropped!

Try it out for Free and let us know what you think so we can continue making the game better.


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Fun Ways to Play

Your objective is to accumulate points. Points can be earned in a variety of ways and added to the global scoreboard.

  1. Build the Puzzle
  2. Play the Card Game
  3. Unlock the Augmented Reality

The AR elements will automatically add points but others will require you to manually input them into the system.

With enough HIPs blasting into the global brain, we can reprogram ANNA before annihilating ourselves with our own creation.

1. Build the Puzzle


Each card is a VINE. There are 80 VINES per chapter deck. Build the puzzle by piecing the VINE cards together to create the chapter image.


The first two chapters are available, with two new cards added to the third chapter each month. Once completed in 2030, a 360-degree cube made of five chapters will conclude the game and reveal the fate of humanity.

Puzzle Points

Value Input
500 HIPs for each time you complete a single chapter puzzle Input manually
3X points (1,500 HIPs) for completing and connecting both chapters one and two together Input manually
Unlock the chapter image with the AR app once you complete the puzzle (100 HIPs). Open the app and point your device at the completed puzzle. Automatically added

2. Play the Card Game

Your goal is to connect as many VINES as you can before your opponent goes out.

It takes strategy. Sets of three or more connected VINES are called BLOOMS. The bigger your BLOOM, the more points you earn. Beware of your unconnected VINES. If your opponent goes out, you’ll be forced to remove the equal number of VINES in your hand from your BLOOMS.


The player with the most points at the end wins the round. Only the HIPs of the winner for each round should be added to the Global Scoreboard.

Set Building

Two connecting VINES is called a SEED. You get no points for a Seed but these are your foundations for BLOOMS to emerge.

Sets of three to twelve connecting VINES are called BLOOMS and earn you HIPs...ranging from 8 HIPs for 3 VINES to 4,096 HIPs for 12 VINES. No extra points are earned for more than 12 VINES in one Bloom.


At the end of the round, players will gain HIPs based on the total of VINES in their personal BLOOMS. The player with the most HIPs wins the round. Beware! Any VINES in your hand at the end of the round are deducted from your BLOOMS...starting with your largest Bloom!

HIPs grow exponentially. Use the included Points Conversion Table to convert the number of VINES in each BLOOM to HIPs

  • Example 1: A BLOOM containing 6 VINES = 64 HIPs
  • Example 2: A BLOOM containing 10 VINES = 1024 HIPs

Easy Setup and Gameplay


This game takes strategic thinking. Emptying your hand before building up enough points could mean defeat. But holding on to your VINES could mean a bigger disaster is looming. And while it’s NOT mandatory to play a set, you'll need to beware of losing it to an action card.

Card Game Points

Value Input
Build BLOOMS and use the Points Conversion Table to translate your BLOOMS in each round of play into HIPs Input manually

NOTE: Only winning round points should be added to the World Scoreboard.

3. Unlock the Augmented Reality

The Worlords have concealed important information in the game to help us on our mission. Use the FREE Augmented Reality app to reveal the hidden messages and art animations.


Card Fronts

Many VINE Cards are animated and can be unlocked with the free Augmented Reality App. Simply scan the image with the app to bring it to life. You can find the full list of current augmented cards HERE.


There are new animated cards completed regularly. Check back often and get on the email list to be notified.

Card Backs

Each game card has one of the four totems of human intelligence on the back. The totems are: Observe, Connect, Create, and Collaborate. Unlock their hidden messages with the AR app.


Augmented Reality Points

Value Input
Unlock the VINE Card art animations with the AR apps (50 HIPs). Open the app and point your device at the artwork. Automatically added
Unlock the card backs with the AR app (50 HIPs). Automatically added

Ending the Game

We only have until the stroke of midnight, 2030 to become the humans we must be in order to save our civilization from certain destruction.

The level of Human Intelligence we reach is represented by the amount of HIPs we earn over this decade . If we do not collectively earn 100 Million HIPS by the deadline we doom the future of all life on earth to the fate of our future messengers.

As we focus on the mission to train the Global Brain to what we want rather than what we fear, we begin to change our own focus, actions, and finally ourselves.

In the end, we will discover that building our character was the most crucial step in rewriting our future.



Origin of the Game

VINES are interconnecting artworks growing from a massive social art project called The Grapevine Wall.

Each month, two new VINES emerge to grow the canvas and reveal two pieces to the puzzling story. All VINES link together to form the 360-degree immersive canvas.

When completed in 2030, five chapters will tell the epic story of humanity's great transition into a technologically advanced, sustainable future.

Each new chapter creates a new puzzle that can be combined with other chapters to grow the number of players and level of difficulty.

Reference Art

As with any puzzle, you'll want to utilize the handy reference art. Each box contains the artwork along with rules and directions, or you can download the game sheets here.


Purchases support the art project and augmented reality development.

Thanks for playing!


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  • Mastery-style Puzzle Game
  • Includes Augmented Reality
  • Build Solo or Battle with Friends

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