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Virtue Cards

Attitudes and Actions of Excellence
Virtue Cards contains a standard deck of 52 poker-sized playing cards, each displaying a different Virtue.

Each card gives a definition and reference Bible verse for its Virtue, along with several symbols that tell you more about the Virtue. Some of the symbols are normal suits and ranks allowing the cards to be used like a standard playing deck. Others are special symbols that represent additional information about the virtues.

Using Virtue Cards makes learning and remembering the Virtues easy and fun. Use them to play any existing card game as well as games specifically designed with the Virtues Cards in mind.


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Why buy this?

  • Encourages developing an interest in virtues
  • Many different game rules and variations
  • Fun for the whole family




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Publish Date September 30, 2015
Edition First
Department Card Games
Genre Religion
Theme Education
Audience Family
Primary Mechanic Dynamic Rules
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