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Wallet Warriors

They’re brave, adventurous & ready to fight!




Fill your billfold with 10 different adventurers! Explore the depths of your pocket book with 12 different dungeons! Discover dozens of traps, treasures and monsters, all within your purse!

Wallet Warriors is a quick adventure game that you can play while you wait for the bus, wait for a table or wait for the movie to start. It can be played alone or with multiple players. It plays in just minutes but the mutable map and multiple quests insure that the fun can go on forever!

With a simple roll of the die your adventurers (such as thief, druid or elf) move through the randomly created dungeon and discover either a monster, trap or treasure! If your level and roll is high enough, or if your abilities are good enough, you can beat the adversaries and continue on to succeed in your quest of finding gold, rescuing the princess or just exploring the entire map!


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Publish Date August 27, 2012
Edition First
Department Games
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Why buy this?

  • Quick and Easy!
  • A portable dungeon!
  • Endlessly replayable!


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