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Wild, Wild West PNP

1-10 players try engineering a boom in their Western town while mitigating constant disaster





Come manage a town in the West, they said. It’ll be thrills, spills, and chills, they said. Well, friends, they weren’t wrong. It has been that and more. But boy howdy, the disasters keep popping up! Almost as though someone is out to see your town fail and their town succeed!


The Roll and Write Revolution continues with Wild, Wild West! In this month’s print-and-play game, we are taking you back to a more traditional roll and write experience for 1-10 players. Wild, Wild West uses just 4 six-sided dice, 1 sheet per player, and features simultaneous play - meaning everyone works from the same dice roll. It’s excellent for remote play and playing on tablets! Watch out, though, Wild, Wild West has a few tricks (and traps) up its sleeve.


Wild, Wild West asks you to manage an old Western town with 6 areas of influence. Each turn players will be given dice to distribute around their town but not all of those dice will help you. From bringing in Varmints to luring bandits, it’s a right cow poke in the eye! You can see some big successes, too, though! Just look at all that cash you can grab from selling watered down liquor at twice the price, or filling up a train for a sight-seeing ride! You’ll even have the chance to round up some notorious wanted outlaws and put them behind bars where they belong! Get your head of cattle together, tell those varmints to scram, and let’s have us a good ol' fashioned ho-down!


Classic euro-style game play will force you stay sharp at keeping the disasters from building up too quickly. The trouble you'll find is that, with only so many turns and something going wrong every single turn, you can't do everything well. Spoiler alert The only way to succeed is to strategically fail (like falling with style). Pick and choose your battles well and you just may create a thriving boom town, after all. And afterwards, players are encouraged to look back over their town and share stories of their skillful mismanagement of certain areas. Does your town have a lot of high priced hooch and an ineffectual legal system? Do your future residents from the train feel safe knowing the Varmints have been rehomed? What about those outlaws, did you shut them down quickly with swift legal justice?



Watch below as designer Benny shows you how to play the game:


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Publish Date July 18, 2021
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Why buy this?

  • Simultaneous-turn roll-and-write goodness!
  • Few components (a sheet and pen per player and 4 dice)
  • Heckin' tough to do well while everything is falling apart

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  • This game does not come in a box.


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