Witch Hunt - Family Edition

WitchHUNT is a Tabletop card game for 1-8 players

As a witch hunter, you make your way through the village of Ravenwicke discovering items, artifacts, and assistance in the most unexpected places. However, time is short. As ingredients are added to her cauldron, the witch gains power and tightens her grip on the village. Once all five of the ingredients have been added to the cauldron, the witch wins the game! So, it is of the utmost urgency that you find her before the last ingredient is added to her brew. Oh, and did we mention that one of you is actually the witch?

Set in the backdrop of the small village of Ravenwicke, WitchHUNT is a closed-deck(72+ cards) card game that features 3 modes of play. The Angry Mob mode for 3-8 players, a Player versus Player mode, and HERO mode for only the bravest of souls.

Game Components

Just as there are multiple modes of play, there are also multiple ways to get the most out of the game. The Travel Deck, The Premium Deck, and the Family Edition are available for players to get as serious about fighting witches as you desire.

The WitchHUNT First Edition Deck

The First Edition Deck is delivered in a sealed 3.5"x5" Telescoping Box and is our core deck of 72+ cards for playing WitchHUNT. The box also contains 8 oversized character cards, 2 six-sided dice, and 100 resource tokens.

The Family Edition

The Family Edition brings a new dimension to hunting witches. In addition to all the benefits of the WitchHUNT First Edition Deck, the Family Edition comes with a beautiful 18"x18" Village Game Board, delivered in a sealed 10"x10" Game Box. The Family Edition also includes all of the core cards, 8 oversized character cards, 2 six-sided dice, and 100 resource tokens.

The Cards

At the very core of the game are the Character cards. Each of the cards portray the different paths of the fearless Witchhunters. The core character classes are the Gypsy, the WitchHunter, the Villager and the Priest. These classes each have their strengths and weaknesses; and special abilities that capitalize on these aspects to further their chance of tracking down the witch. Just in case you have a favorite class you enjoy playing, each of the classes are represented by 2 characters allowing more than one player to play each class at a time.

Action cards are vital in capturing or defeating the Witch. These action cards include trapping creatures, accusing a Witch, offering up an alibi and asking for help from another player in combat against the Witch or a foul creature terrorizing the town. Hold on to these cards and use them wisely, they're the key to finding the Witch and surviving!

Equipment cards sport bonuses to aid the WitchHunter who wields them. Look for items that benefit your class specifically as they provide bonuses specially tailored to benefit your character class. You may also collect full items sets and unlock additional bonuses as well. Be careful, however; if you are accused of being a witch and caught holding a witch item, you will be brought to justice and condemned under the suspicion of being a witch.

The village itself is made up of Location cards that offer players the ability to generate resource tokens as well as other benefits during the rounds of gameplay. You can assemble the village by constructing the Blacksmith, the Town Hall, the Gallows, the Burnin' Stake, the Church, the Gypsy Camp and the Haunted House.

The village becomes a hotbed of action because Creature Cards can be strategically played on village locations to cancel the location's benefits to other WitchHunters. These Creatures also have their own abilities that may change the outcome of a single battle and the overall game. If you manage to defeat these creatures dwelling in the village, you can either cash them in for resources, or trap them for use in later combats.

Voodoo Dolls are special item cards that allow you to control another player; adding their abilities to yours to help you conquer Creatures in the village or even taking on the witch.

During each round of gameplay, Cauldron Ingredient Cards are played face up; and the effect on the card comes into play immediately and affects both non-Witch and non-exposed Witches. Once the five Cauldron Ingredients are exposed, the game ends and the Witch wins, whether or not she has revealed herself.

And finally.. we have the Witch Card itself. Simply put, holding the Witch card means you are the Witch. All players are hunting you so be careful and keep your identity hidden. Once you have amassed enough power, you may opt to wait and remain in hiding until the last Cauldron Ingredient is added to the cauldron, or reveal your identity and try to tackle each villager yourself. The Witch is very powerful in her own right, but a skilled Witch knows whether to fight or keep hidden.




Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • 1-8 Player Characters
  • Dice & Tokens Included
  • Game Board Included


DesignerGoblin Rocket Games
Average Rating (3)
Publish DateNovember 05, 2013
DepartmentCard Games
Primary MechanicDeduction
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