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Yijing Cards

Chinese Yijing Cards
Using pictures from the Zixi Huapu Daquan 自習畫譜大全 manual of painting published in 1928 by Ma Tai 馬駘 (1886 - 1937) this set of square Yijing cards can be used for contemplating the hexagrams, as aid in studying the meaning of the line symbols, or for adding associations to the corpus of hexagram meanings. The images bear the typical style of ancient Chinese ink drawings. A beautiful deck suitable for Yijing students on all levels.


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  • Beautiful pictures
  • Old Chinese ink paintings
  • Large size (3.5" X 3.5")




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Publish Date August 25, 2012
Edition First
Department Tarot and Oracles
Genre Historic
Setting Chinese Dynasties
Audience Students / Teachers
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