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Case Studies

Here you will find some example use cases of The Game Crafter Laboratory.

We created an oversized game board and components for The Captain is Dead. This project involved custom cut acrylic, 3d printing, air brush painting, specialized printing, plus standard components in large sizes.

Depending upon your game this could be anywhere from 20 to 100 hours of work.

We can make custom signage for your game shop, trade show, or other needs.

Depending on what you need it could be a couple hours worth of work to over 100 hours.

Since we're local to Gamehole Con, they ask us to participate in their convention every year. They always want some kind of big showy display to put in the lobby of the convention. We created human-sized pawns for The Captain is Dead. This project included specialized printing, custom acrylic cutting, carpentry, and painting.

Depending on what you need it could be a couple hours worth of work to over 100 hours.

We make all the prototypes for Exploding Kitten's games through our normal services, but occasionally they want to try out something we don't do through those services. In this case they wanted to try out some different form factors for their production box before sending it to China for the full production run. This involved custom cut acrylic, specialized printing, and assembly.

Depending on your needs this could be a couple hours of work up to 10 hours.

While you can make custom tokens using our normal services, sometimes you need something special, or maybe you need a very large number of them. This is where TGC Laboratory can help. These all involved custom acrylic cutting, plus either etching or printing the acrylic.

The design work stage is usually only an hour or two for these projects. Most of the cost will be in the materials and production labor.

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