Newsletter: European Union's Articles 11 & 13 will ruin the internet


For the rest of the week you will see this message posted on You can easily dismiss it, but we encourage you to do more. EU legislators are set to literally ruin the internet as you know it.

The European Union is set to enact legislation that will make copyright fair use illegal. It is so far reaching that even simple things like memes and tweets with quotes in them will be illegal. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, and even the United Nations have condemned this legislation.

If this legislation passes it will force small businesses like The Game Crafter to stop serving customers in the EU. Worse, if this sort of legislation passes it will likely influence laws in the United States, and could cause us to shut down entirely. To be clear, we do not violate copyright law, but this law would hold us accountable if someone uploads something to our site that violates copyright law. As a small business we simply do not have the resources to spend the $100,000,000+ needed to build a copyright filtering AI the way YouTube has, and even their AI is not perfect.

If you want to maintain a free and fair internet use the hashtag #SaveYourInternet and contact your local government officials telling them you do not want Article 13 to pass.

Take action now!

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