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Game Designer’s Ruler

An acrylic ruler that has both imperial and metric measurements, as well as stencils for common game components. 36 tools in 1!

6" Imperial Ruler
Imperial Compass
150mm Metric Ruler
Metric Compass
60° Protractor
90 ° Protractor
120° Protractor
1/2" Circle Stencil
3/4" Circle Stencil
1/2" Square Stencil
3/4" Square Stencil
1" Square Stencil
1/2" Triangle Stencil
8mm Square Stencil
10mm Square Stencil
12mm Square Stencil
14mm Square Stencil
16mm Square Stencil
1/2" Hex Stencil (vertex to vertex)
3/4" Hex Stencil (vertex to vertex)
1" Hex Stencil (vertex to vertex)
Dice Stencil
Micro Card Stencil
Mini Card Stencil
Domino Card Stencil
Business Card Stencil
Bridge Card Stencil
Poker Card Stencil
Tarot Card Stencil
Jumbo Card Stencil
Heart Stencil
Star Stencil
Shield Stencil
Lightning Stencil
Meeple Stencil
Catan Road Stencil


Quantity In Stock2000
Weight1.47 oz42 g
Height5.99 in152 mm
Width4.49 in114 mm
Depth0.11 in3 mm

Bulk Pricing

1-9 $4.9922 ea
10-99 $3.1444 ea
100-999 $2.5155 ea
1000+ $1.8777 ea

Last Price Change: 2019-07-30

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