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Dungeon Hoard

Build your own lair, hire creatures and hoard treasure.

What's Dungeon Hoard?

Dungeon Hoard allows you to build your own lair and hire creatures to overcome invading adventurers. Place traps, secret doors and riddles to avoid entry into your treasure room. The first player to hoard 3 full treasure chests wins the game. But beware of competing dungeon bosses who might go as far as helping adventurers plunder your dungeon!

Game Play

The game rotates around 3 main phases:

  • Draw Phase
  • Build Phase
  • Event Phase

After these phases the player may secure the Loot in locked Treasure Chests.

In the Draw Phase, the current player draws a card from the Dungeon Deck and places it in his/her hands. Rooms, Creatures and Dungeon Upgrades can be played during the Build Phase. Building Rooms is as easy as taking a Room card from your hand and placing it somewhere in between the Lair Entrance and the Treasure Room, but beware that the order is important! Creatures and Dungeon Upgrades can be placed only in Rooms. The following phase is the Event Phase, in which the player draws an Event card face up for everyone to see. Some Event cards may start a Dungeon Crawl Event.

During Dungeon Crawl Events, a group of Adventurers raid your dungeon. Adventurers start from the Lair Entrance and move towards the Treasure Room. Defeated adventurers provide Loot Bags, whereas adventurers that manage to reach the Treasure Room collect Loot Bags from your stash. Every 5 Loot Bags are converted to 1 locked Treasure Chest.

When a player has finished all his/her phases, the turn ends and the next player starts a new turn. And that's how you play Dungeon Hoard! But be sure to check the Rule Booklet for a more in-depth version of these rules.

Want More?

Lookout for the first Dungeon Hoard Expansion in the coming weeks!

Note: Each Expansion allows 1 more player to join the fun!






Why buy this?

  • Build and upgrade your dungeon.
  • Collect treasure.
  • Sabotage your opponent's dungeon.




Component Quantity Photo
Tall Booklet 1 component component
Bridge Deck 1 deck of 35 cards component component
Bridge Deck 1 deck of 45 cards component component
Bridge Deck 1 deck of 74 cards component component
Bridge Deck 1 deck of 8 cards component component
Medium Stout Box (Top And Sides Printed) 1 component component
Large Circle Chit Set 1 set of 56 large circle chits component component

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