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Mythical Menagerie

Match cards by colour and creature to score points, activate 5 different creature powers.

Rob Seib @ Mindfruit

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Match cards by colour and creature to score points. Each of the 5 creatures has a special power to give you more control over your hand and card sets.

  • Easy to learn, quick to play.
  • Durable, small and portable.
  • Depth of strategy:
    • Curate your hand by drawing from the deck or discard piles.
    • Be careful which cards you discard, because other players may pick them up.
    • Select which creatures to play based on their powers and the sets you are trying to build.


  • 50 Original Creature Cards
  • 4 Rules Cards
  • 1 Mint Tin (a durable metal box, 2.5 x 3.9 x 0.9 inches)

On This Page

How it Works

Join my Discord Server, I'll teach and play the game with you on Screentop!

Your primary objective is to score points by building sets of creatures. A set is 3, 4, or 5 cards of matching colour (e.g. White) or creature type (e.g. Rabbit). Each card may contribute to both a colour set and a creature set (e.g. White Rabbit scores for both the White and the Rabbit sets). See how this works:


Your Turn

You have a hand of cards. Play cards to the table to form sets. These sets score at the end of the game.

On your turn, you draw 2 cards from any piles, play 1 card, then discard 1 card to your personal discard pile:


When you play a card to a set, you may optionally use the creature's special power. This is described further in Creature Powers below.

End Game & Scoring

The first time the deck runs out, shuffle all discards into a new deck, and then play until the deck runs out again. You then finish the round and everyone counts up their scores!

3-card set 1 point
4-card set 2 points
5-card set 3 points

Here is an example of a group of cards that takes advantage of each card's colour and type. This player scores 6 sets (Blue, Red, Purple, Rabbit, Qilin, Dragon), earning 6 points (3-card-sets are worth 1 point each).


How to Play Video

Creature Powers

  • Rabbit: draw another card.
  • Dragon: score +1 for a set of Dragons.
  • Qilin: play another card. You need to discard a card to use this power.
  • Fox: snag a matching colour card from another player.
  • Tortoise: protect yourself from foxes.

The Tortoise has an additional special power: you may play it out of turn if you have it in your hand when someone plays a matching Fox!


Testimonials & Reviews

Review on Katie Hearts Games

"The game kept me wanting to play it again and again." - James Gjaltema

Reviews from Board Game Geek profile:

"It's an enjoyable, easy to learn, fun game with cute, locally drawn, art. It's a great group game and plays best with 3-4 players. It's a delightful card game that you can gladly play round after round as it takes about 10-15 mins. Would recommend!" - sassy1415
"Combines vibrant visuals with straightforward yet engaging gameplay. Seamlessly merges charming hand-dawn illustrations with an intuitive color/matching mechanic while offering accessible strategies suitable for casual and seasoned players." - AdamGurski


Note, The icons on cards in the final version have been updated to be more recognizable. This is why the renders on this page appear slightly different than the photos and videos.

Optional Add-On Stands for Mint Tin

Optionally available when you check out are a set of 3 blue acrylic stands for mint tins, perfect for collectors of mint tin games!

If you like the idea but want a different colour, contact me!


Why buy this?

"Mythical Menagerie would probably be the best travel game in our collection... The highlights for me are the theming - it brings me joy and inspiration to see the different creatures!"

  • Easy to learn, quick to play.
  • Depth of strategy, with small interesting decisions
  • Activate card powers to curate your hand and sets.




Component Quantity Photo
Mint Tin 1 component component
Mint Tin Deck 1 deck of 50 cards component component
Mint Tin Deck 1 deck of 1 cards component component
Mint Tin Deck 1 deck of 3 cards component component

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