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Military Card Template

Attention! This poker-sized card template is perfect for your modern military card game.



This poker card template is customizable. It includes sample art and six sample color schemes.

Customization options

Color scheme: The template includes six different color schemes. These can be activated by turning on the layers.

There is also an overlay layer that you can use to shift the color of just one layer and get new color schemes.

Patterns: The template includes 8 different textures that you can enable that will apply to the bottom color. You can add your own textures by adding a black & white layer.

Title bar: There are 4 different title bar icons: stars, chevrons, medals, and nuclear symbol.

Icon ribbon: The upper left includes spots for two different icons. The icons can be on the included circles (flat) or the circles with a gem overlay (included). You can also use your own icon scheme.

Included Art Credits

Army figures & tank courtesy of Designed by Brgfx / Freepik.

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