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27 Haiku: A Game of Art and Poetry

In this card game, players assemble fragments of haiku to represent famous works of art.
27 Haiku is many things: a game, a tool to strengthen creativity and aesthetic judgement, a portable collection of fine art, and a work of experimental literature, among others.

When playing the game, players compete to arrange fragments of poems into one of 74,088 possible haiku; the winner of each round is the player whose composition most beautifully represents a particular famous work of visual art.

Sometimes these haiku are poignant; sometimes they teach lessons; sometimes they are beautiful; sometimes they are morbid; and sometimes they are merely brilliant, evocative nonsense; but they are all thought-provoking jewels to discover and treasure.


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Why buy this?

  • Combine cards to create 74,088 unique poems
  • Striking artwork of Van Gogh, Hokusai, Rembrandt, and more
  • Includes haiku written by Basho, Kikaku, and other masters




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Publish Date July 13, 2015
Edition Beta
Department Card Games
Genre Abstract
Theme Education
Audience Family
Primary Mechanic Words / Spelling
If You Like Beyond Balderdash
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