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3-Down Football Frenzy

Capture the action and excitement of Canadian football - anytime, anywhere!




You're 3rd and goal from the 5 yard line and time is running out. What are you going to do? Take your game all the way and dominate the Championships! That's what!

Capture all the excitement and fast-paced action of Canadian football on a table near you!

The unique hand management and dice interactions in this game replicate all aspects of the Canadian Football experience - from kickoffs to passes, running plays to quarterback sacks, punts to field goals.

It's everything you need to have a gridiron battle on your table. The turns are fast and furious, and the action is never-ending! Well, until the game's over that is... but you can always do a double-header!

Each card contaians an offensive AND a defensive play, with modifiers to optimize your chances of successful plays. But be careful what you play while you're on defense - you may want to keep some of those cards for your next shot at offense! Use your wits and strategize to maximize your options! Dice rolls and card modifiers determine the success of offensive plays and yardage.



AND! There are 2 ways to play: A regular game runs through the deck once, and the high score at the end wins! Regular Season games take about half an hour. A Championship game runs through the deck twice - the first time through gets you to half time, then you reshuffle and play out the second half. After an hour you will have an ultimate gridiron victory!


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Publish Date March 26, 2023
Edition Canadian Football Edition
Department Games
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Why buy this?

  • Plays out like a real football game!
  • 2 modes! Got 30mins? Ok! An hour - Have at 'er!
  • So engaging, it's almost as fun to watch as it is to play!

Dan McMillan/ Tahera Yeasmin

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