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Witness your own miracles with the 72 Names of God Spirit Cards!

The 72 Names of God, as seen in this oracle deck, is really a formula of 72 mixtures of Hebrew letters that Moses accustomed to part the Red Sea. With this deck you will able to part your very own personal Spiritual Red Sea, and overcome the laws and regulations of Spiritual character by connecting your thoughts (manipulating reality - mind over matter) whenever you scan the cards and concentrate (vibrate) in this deck.

So what exactly are the 72 names of God?

The traditional Kabbalist Rav Shimon bar Yochai authored within the Zohar it's Moses, not God, who separated the Red-colored Ocean, permitting the Israelites to narrowly escape the Pharaoh and Egyptian military. To be able to make this apparent miracle happen, Moses combined the energy of certainty having a very effective spiritual technology at his fingertips. He had an equation that literally gave him accessibility to the subatomic arena of his character with the power of these 72 mystical symbols.

This power is also known as the Shemhamphorasch. The Shemhamphorasch (alternatively Shem ha-Mephorash or Schemhamphoras, originally Shem HaMephorash (שם המפורש)) is an originally Tannaitic term describing a hidden name of God in Kabbalah (including Christian and Hermetic variants), and in some more mainstream Jewish discourses. It is composed of either 4, 12, 22, 42, or 72 letters (or triads of letters), the last version being the most common (which this deck is the 72 letters version).

The formula Moses accustomed to overcome the laws and regulations of character continues to be hidden within the Zohar for 2000 years.

This formula is known as the 72 Names of God. Not names like Betty, Bill and Barbara, but 72 sequences made up of Hebrew letters which have the remarkable energy to beat the laws and regulations of character in most forms, including human instinct.

Though this formula is encoded within the literal Scriptural story from the parting from the Red-colored Ocean, no rabbi, scholar, or priest was conscious of the key. It had been known simply to a number of kabbalists - who also understood that whenever time it was ripe, the formula could be revealed around the world.

To learn to wield the energy from the 72 Names of God, along with the reasons which they may be used, I advise reading through The 72 Names of God pdf I have listed when you buy the cards. Even when you do not speak or read Hebrew, you may still begin and experience incredible miracles. I have written the meanings on the cards in Hebrew (formula) with English descriptions.

Now, after a little 2,000 many years of concealment, contemporary searchers may also make use of this energy and by researching, and calling upon, the 72 Names of God.

The 72 Names of God are each 3-letter sequences that behave like a catalog to a particular, spiritual wavelength. Simply by searching in the letters, in addition to closing your vision and imagining them, you are able to interact with these wavelengths on the physical level.

To utilize a physical metaphor to explain what happens while using the 72 Names, think about a tuning fork, something accustomed to set up a precise pitch. Whenever you bring a vibrating tuning fork near to another tuning fork that's not vibrating, the 2nd fork begins to vibrate through the phenomena known as 'sympathetic transference'.

The 72 Names of God act as tuning forks to correct yourself on the soul level. This means, practically speaking, that it's not necessary to undergo a few of the more challenging tests in existence, you are able to tune the body and soul using the spiritual wavelengths your vision don't see.

In the guide book that is listed when you buy the deck, I have written everything you need to know so you can make your own miracles. This includes the cards, the angels associated with each card, the combinations you can use to make miracles happen, the scriptures with each to be used in association with each card, and the tables explaining each in detail.

You can either use these cards as Spiritual Pathway Indicators, Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards with Spiritual Messages, or use them in Magickal Rituals and Spells as energy focal points. They can be used as Astral Containers which stores Astral energy, in which you vibrate their names in accordance with the angels name, the prayer, and the spiritual verses . In addition, they can can also be used in dark Magick also, because I have listed Solomon's 72 Demonic Spirits and how they associate with each card as well. So you see, there are multiple choices on how you use this deck - it's up to you and how you choose your Spiritual Path. This deck is well worth purchasing because of the multiple uses one can get from owning it.

Remember, just by looking at the cards and vibrating the words while looking at them will automatically start their power regardless of your knowledge and experience - even individuals with no magickal knowledge can use them every day right from the start! So if you feel this deck is for you, purchase yours today and start creating your own miracles.

I have posted some examples of the cards in the action shots plus the Magick Circle and the 72 Names of God Chart which you can view below.


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