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Not enough D6, 12mm, Black in stock.

97 Klotho

97 Klotho is a mysterious asteroid outside the orbit of Mars. Stake your claim to its riches!

97 Klotho is a strategic dice game where you battle with other players to exploit a mysterious asteroid outside the orbit of Mars. The dice you roll can be used for many different goals - mining for minerals, capturing alien monsters, discovering ancient artifacts, amassing wealth to buy technology upgrades, manipulating markets, and more.

You guide your empire with dice and a master control document, which puts 97 Klotho in the exciting new roll-and-write genre of games, suitable for families and friends, and playable nearly anywhere.

Easy to learn, but with deep strategy, 97 Klotho is suitable for a party, a family game night, or a break from school or work.

Here are the Rules to 97 Klotho.

Here's a quick guide to how the game works:

Here's a detail of the scoring sheet: Scorepadsmalldemo.jpg


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Why buy this?

  • A new roll-and-write strategic dice game from Plankton Games
  • Mine for resources, capture aliens, and discover artifacts
  • Simple to learn but complex and strategically deep




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Publish Date November 27, 2019
Edition First
Department Board Games
Genre Sci-Fi
Theme Mining
Setting Alien World
Audience Family
Primary Mechanic Dice Rolling
If You Like That's Pretty Clever
More Info 97 Klotho web site


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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