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A Journey into the Spaces of the Imagination

Discover the creative power of your Imagination




Through this easy and fun guided visualization you will be taken on a Journey through 10 different archetypal Spaces. The Spaces you imagine contain clues about different aspects of yourself and each Space reveals something about your own uniqueness!

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You will be amazed to discover how specific, clear and present your Imagination really is. It is there at any moment to offer you a higher perspective on your current life situation as well as clues on how to move through any obstacles or challenges you may be facing. Your subconscious is always communicating with you through the language of your Imagination. Learning to speak and to interpret this language gives you access to this latent inner power so you can harness the guidance and wisdom that if has to offer you.

Worksheets are provided for you to jot down your impressions as you move along the Journey. At the end of the Journey, you will be given tools to interpret your responses and to understand what the Spaces are communicating to you through the language of your Imagination.

The deck of cards describes the symbolism of each Space. You will also obtain a "score" for each Space based on the time of day and season you selected for your Spaces, indicating whether this area or personality trait is dominant, recessive or in balance for you currently - the ultimate goal being to bring all the Spaces or aspects of yourself into full expression.

The Journey is Yours to Discover! Let your Imagination be Your Guide!

With love and light from our hearts to yours!


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Publish Date October 07, 2013
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Why buy this?

  • It's a fun way to learn more about yourself and others!
  • You don't have to be "creative" to do it, it just works!
  • You can take the Journey many times and find something new!

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