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Ace of Hates

An all-ages card game that helps you learn how your friends and family REALLY feel.
What does your best friend, your wife, your kid love the most? Her family? Her car? A peach? The beach?

What do you hate the most? Wednesdays? Drivers who don’t use turn signals? Injustice? Gum?

Ace of Hates™ is the all-ages game that tests how well you know your nearest and dearest: their deepest, most elemental passions; the things they just can’t stand; stuff about which they’re, like, meh. And it tests how well they know you.

ACE OF HATES and the ACE OF HATES logo are trademarks of Dan Kois. © 2015 Dan Kois. All rights reserved.

Do you know how your friends and family really feel? Then you can win Ace of Hates™, the game of mixed emotions.


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Why buy this?

  • A quick, casual game for friends and families of all ages
  • Cards designed by award-winning cartoonist Kevin Cannon
  • As seen (heard??) on Slate's Mom & Dad Are Fighting podcast




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Publish Date December 11, 2015
Edition Second
Department Card Games
Genre Abstract
Audience Family
If You Like Apples to Apples
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