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Adventure Kingdom Starter Set

Escape from the Evil Castle of Orm!




Welcome to Adventure Kingdom! Aided by collectible items and pets, players escape an enchanted castle's ever changing map.

In an enchanted land far, far away, an evil overlord has captured your favorite fairy tale characters! Help them escape the castle labyrinth and win the game! But beware! Villains, monsters and Traps await you! With the aid of pets and enchanted items, help your character succeed in escaping the mystical castle of Orm.

Remember those classic games of chutes and ladders and all those "obstacle course" games with a "Start" and an "End"? Adventure Kingdom is a whole NEW take on the time honored classics.

*The "End" or finish line changes because the game board layout changes with each game.
*You can gain the ability not to be "sent back to START"! (remember when you hated that?)
*True to the zany nature of this game... there may be times you may even want to be sent back to Start!
*Reroll bad die rolls!
*With the right use of character abilities and cards, you can even control die rolls results, movement and many other things you cannot do in other "obstacle course" games.
*Go in any direction you wish!
*Play cards to help yourself, your allies or stop your opponents from getting too far ahead!

Adventure Kingdom combines the classic obstacle course game with a sprinkling of today's card game mechanics. But unlike most card games, the cards here are EASY to learn and can be used as soon as you draw them.

Every game will feature a different exit and different ways to win. The flexible board game tile system ensures that no two games will ever be alike. The combinations of characters and cards are nearly limitless and should provide plenty of enjoyment for all. Games can be short or long depending on how many tiles you use.

Enter the castle of Orm at your peril!
Help your favorite fairy tale heroes and heroines to escape!

This basic STARTER SET gets you familiar with the entire game.

The Full Set costs $59.99
The complete set features 4 new characters, more DRAW cards, and 8 more room tiles to explore!
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Publish Date February 10, 2013
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Why buy this?

  • Gameboard LAYOUT changes each time you play!
  • Lots of card, character and board combinations!
  • Easy to learn starter rules!

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