Alien Labyrinth

Twists and Turns in Outer Space

Stranded aboard an alien starship millions of miles from Earth, your only hope of getting home is to play in the aliens' twisted game. Outrace your companions and buy the only seat on the escape pod set to take you home. It won't be an easy task. The ship itself is constantly changing as you move through it, making every step a challenge.

As you explore the ship, you'll find all kinds of strange souvenirs the aliens have collected on their travels. Gadgets, weapons, clothing, food and even a few mysterious specimens that can only be loosely defined as creatures. Scrounge up everything you can, and use the bizarre alien kiosks to trade what you can't use for credits to pay for your ride back home. But beware the others and what they might do with the things they find, and never go near anyone who has just eaten a Neutron Burrito...


ѻ Quick to learn and fast to play, Alien Labyrinth combines luck and strategy in a game that never plays the same way twice.

ѻ A randomly arranged board that is only revealed as players explore means player tactics have to constantly adapt.

ѻ With the ability to rotate the rooms, you can craft your own path through the ship while confounding the plans of the other players.

ѻ Advanced rules allow for an extra level of challenge - build the ship as you explore it!

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Business DeckBusiness Deck (1 deck of 42 cards)
Square DeckSquare Deck (1 deck of 24 cards)
Wink, BlueWink, Blue (40)



Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • A randomized board of rotating rooms
  • Simple rules with complex strategy
  • Space Cats, Displacer Beams, and the Neutron Burrito!


DesignerCounter Clockwork
Average Rating (4)
Publish DateJanuary 29, 2013
AudienceCasual Gamer
Primary MechanicStrategy

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