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Alpha Playing Cards

A deck of alphabet cards that an be used to play several different games.




Award Winning Alpha Playing Cards are a simple deck of cards (with letters on them) that you can play a plethora of games with. There are fun letter recognition games that all ages will enjoy, solitaire games for when you want to pass a little time, and of course word games for more than one person.

The deck of 74 cards has 42 consonant cards, 30 semi-wild vowels cards, and 2 (real) wild cards. What makes Alpha Playing Cards unique is the semi-wild vowel cards. While the consonant cards only have one letter on them, the semi-wild vowel cards have 2 different vowels on each card that allows the player to choose which one of the two vowels that card will be. This makes it easier to get more of the most used letters of the alphabet (the vowels) into a small deck of cards.

The rules for all the different games are not included in the box, there’s not enough room in the box for them all. But, you can find them and print them out for free at:

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Publish Date January 17, 2021
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  • Small and easy to carry.
  • Games for all ages.
  • Won several game awards.


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