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Alphabeticon Fortunetelling Tool

We are playing the old idea that Divination should be a game of chance with mythic content.




Here: .. The New-England-famous Tarot artist's 3RD & .!LAST!. Tarot of a lifetime.
But: .. Do you want ONLY the deck, WITHOUT this whole box of intricate gaudy crp?
Easy: .. Click one of the links for "SINGING FISH POCKET TAROT". .. Oh wait, here's a link to it here: .. {-Here-}

>My unique art blog "Stone Riley Druid Classroom" .. I link to its posts a lot, so here's its Home Page .. {-Here-}
>My blog post "On Military Stalemate Lines" .. is the Artist's Memoir (work in progress) for this project. .. {-Here-}
??MILITARY?? .. .. OF Course: i hope you're NOT SURPRISED to see WAR has some powerful connection to a HIGH ART PROJECT like this unique antique Curiosity Cabinet.!! .. .. ??But some SPECIFIC Military Connection to this project?? .. .::. .. My whole lifetime career in Tarot began when a low rank USA. Medical Corps Soldier, .. Soldier turned ABSOLUTELY against war, .. During the very horrid Imperial Failed Invasion of Vietnam, .. .. Bereaved Corporal of a first-aid stretcher squad out in the vast mountainous Winter-Summer Training Ranges half a world away, .. .. in US. Army Europe. .. .. And the Medic Corporal, bereaved of a medic friend reported dead among the Helicopters, .. Began to search for an Adequate Means of Spiritually-Whole Communication, .. And i simply began to speak with my terrorized patients, the US. Soldiers there. .. And began to dream of True Communication in some possible Adequate Resistance. .. .. .. Very soon i found Tarot waiting for me, sent from our Ancestors. -sr
>A few Computer Software Oracles .. Making those "toys" was basic research for this long project. .. {-Here-}
>Want to JUST LEAP INTO TAROT?? .. “HERO’S JOURNEY” .. {-Here-} .. Human stepped out of my tent's flap, Up Onto The HERO ROAD. .. While there, scroll up,down for more,more,more related.

!!WOW!! .. =>This Is Finally ALL FINISHED<= .. This project took awhile. .. If you went back in time 5 seconds ago and looked here, you'd see "099.9999% Finished". .. .. It seems so SUDDEN! WHY? For several days there's been two big holes remaining in the 40,000 documents in the set, .. .. One place is where i tried to sum up how our instinct for Magic is so complex in this stuff, .. Sound hard? .. .. Second big hole's my struggle to find English words, .. for the Ancient Eurasian Shamans' world-famous OMNI-SEXUAL WORLD-TREE VISION, .. Trying to FINALLY express that in English words, assuming i understand it. .. .. Well, the empty spots have printed borders now, so use them to take notes.

For, just like the entirety of Western Occultism, here is a perforated game of peculiar documents. .. .:. .. But you still want magic paper things? .. BEST OF ALL THE PAPER HERE:: .. In the Free Downloads:: .. Get my very nice (and seriously reassuring) =>Rebecca-Solnit-following<= =>>FREE TAROT EXPERT HANDBOOK<<. :: :: (?Did you know the Tarot Sun is much like Zen & Kundlini?, etc.) .. .. That +plus+ more-more-more: FREE on the Free Download List, probably on this page. .. .. &&And ME?? i get a nice customer like you.

Here's a Tarot Boxed Set that is NOTEBOOK-Size, built around a new Pocket-Size deck by an actual credentialed Grandfather Druid (New England). .. .. ?What is it?= A complete Traveling Fortuneteller set-up in a sturdy little campfire-resistant box, .. .. Just what you need for shoving in a mountain backpack when fleeing unpaid hotel bills. .. .. You can buy any number of repacement parts and there's a free-download paper dart board. .. .. Expands to the exact size of 3 notebook pages, Perfect for gathering group reading parties in a roadside restaurant booth. .. .. Put away the syrup first.

!!:::In an instructive act of Druidic Deviousnes, the 2 instruction booklets RECRUIT YOU to REBEL against each other:::!!

>>Spare parts, bibs and bobs::
The "Singing Fish Pocket Tarot Deck" is also sold separately for Much less money .... {-Here-}
The "Singing Dice And Dart Board Set", an experimental item (with a free download) is.. .. .. .. (.here.)
"All The Shts And Pgs" the complete documents ready to staple (same as a free download but on excellent paper) .. {-Here-}
The Cardboard Box, top and bottom, .. and the Box Liner Sheet .. .. {-Here-} .. .. OR: Home-print those files from the Free Downloads and paste it up yourself.
The Sigil Stickers For The Dice .. .. Just in case you need more stickers for your dice. .. .. {-Here-}
The Dirt-Colored Cloth Bag (Large) .. .. For THE BOXED SET .. .(or the silly dartboard set). .. for the dice .. .. {-Here-}
The Dirt-Colored Cloth Bag (Small) .. .. For the cards separately or in the set, .. Plus: 1 or 2 tightly folded papers .. .. {-Here-}
For More,More Tarot Help .. .. Get my highly spiritual, practical, friendly SIMPLE TAROT, .. A Tarot deck literally created as equipment for the founding of WICCA, .. .. Equipment distributed FOR FREE in those days, to actually MAGICALLY TEACH YOU TAROT ITSELF. .. .. It's in Game Crafter.. {-Here-} .. .. Or browse about it in my blog.. {-Here-}
aaaaa "cccc" mmmmm

We're playing the old idea
that divination's BEST done by a game of chance
with mythic content and ritualized gestures.
>:The gestures, called our “Standard Play” consist of:

First: .. Absolutely any variations to Standard Play that are agreed upon, and played Truthfully & Fairly, are allowed. .. .. .. #1: Ask the Oracle a sincere question in a proper manner, which includes a =>straight-faced<= tiny invocation of Odin's Immortal Left Eye. .. .. .. #2: Set out symbolic objects on a symbolic map. .. .. .. #3: Throw symbolic dice at them. .. .. .. #4::INTERPRET RESULTS, for which you get an adapted Tarot deck inside the box, .. .. .. PLUS:: Professional Tarot advice, both briefly in the box, and much more free download. .. .. BIG Plus:: Results resemble a quick reading jotted out by most any Tarot Reader, .. .. For which i offer an informative, extremely specializied, perhaps surprising if not too dry, but perhaps rather difficult, Blog Post: .. .. {-Here-} .. (-!!.MASTER THAT, & you'll OWN the competition.!!-) .. (-!See who does what in the invocation then!-)

>:We also imagine our divination system's use in culture;

I think of it, in its time and place, as mostly a party game for making friends and seducing lovers. .. .. But then, considering the true seriousness of all that, also consulted in the most solemn manner, for the most solemn purposes, now and then. .. .. Obviously i've given great concern to group play, which consists of taking turns doing these very fast, often-valid readings, disciplined mainly by hunger for truth and social dynamics, and a wish to keep your own secrets private. .. .. Or better yet, to find a trusted partner for your secrets. .. .. The whole squirming mass of them disciplined mainly thus, as compellingly as any other Human discipline ever tried.


Reading spread-out picture cards, with dice scattered on them, is the same work as putting together the clues of fast-paced detective movies by quirky writers (except you always learn something new). .. .. Friend, a DETAILED description of that MENTAL PROCESS, which you'll enjoy a lot when it goes well, .. .. Is on the VERY TOP of your PAPER PILE, Sht#1, Pg1, of my Guide To Life. .. .. Obviously further questions on how one professional does Tarot Reading will be considered, but there it is in a nut shell. -sr

>Our MYTH is reconstructed by a historical novelist:
It's the Late Pleistocene!!, .. (That's the Late-Late-Late-Late STONE AGE.) .. .. It's an  old fashioned hick country close by the sane Mother worship folks Marija Gimbutas (a famous Feminist Archeologist) tells of, see.  Those sane people's SCREWY up-hill Old Country neighbors, they LOVED this myth we're using. .. .. .. And by the end of the Enclosed Documents, .. .(.if you've read this first.). .. you understand the voice you hear is an old Queen Shaman up in those tall hills, .. to whom parents, from all over, bring their children, .. to hear the old stories the old wild way. -sr 
>This myth tells:

How the Pro-Human wizard Odin, .. (a bstrd of regular dieties on a naughty spree) .. He working with a Committee of Tired Women, .. .. brought the powers of Prayer and Prophecy to Humans. .. .. Remarkably similar to what Marija Gimbutas probably maybe would have guessed was up in the big hills, if she'd been a novelist.













Gotcha covered!! .. Scroll up to the Downloads and browse the files that have a name starting "Sht-". .. Those are all of the tool's documents.


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Publish Date May 05, 2021
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Why buy this?

  • You've NEVER seen anything like it before, in a small box.
  • Marija Gimbutas gets Love in the front page description.
  • Learn actual TAROT an Ancient Human way, thru play.


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game contains laser cut components. Laser cut items will have a slight amount of soot around the edges, which can easily be wiped off; and will have a campfire smell for about a week after you open them.


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