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We are playing the old idea that Divination should be a game of chance with mythic content.




NOTE: If you only want the Singing Fish deck, without a bunch of other stuff, click its logo in the Related Games, which should be somewhere on the right edge of your screen.


Find the Downloads list, which should be somewhere on the right edge of your screen. There are Pdf files you can download for free, including all the Enclosed Documents for this set. Also my Tarot handbook and a Help Sheet for the Singing Fish Tarot, which is part of this set. Also Layout Boards and a Tarot-related art print you might like. Please enjoy.


Well, i'm old and i was nearing completion of the Singing Fish, which is the last Tarot deck i'll ever make. So i realized it was my last chance to make a boxed set. I should have known it would be well crafted but peculiar.

As you may have noticed, Tarot boxed sets generally have a mythical setting, sometimes even resembling a fantasy adventure novel, but well researched. After all, a Tarot deck needs authenticity to actually work, and the set should reflect that. Shouldn't it?

But i am both old and a psychic medium.

If you've ever heard a good Creative Writer tell the truth about their process, they'll admit they sometimes take dictation from disembodied voices. We ALL say this when we're candid with you.

Look: The English language tradition of the word “inspiration” flows thru the Greek of the King James Bible, where it means: “breathed into by a god”!!!

Well, the god here was a goddess, and it's someone who knew Odin. She didn't give her name, but told me she knew Odin when Odin was a cute little boy. (There's a first time for everything, i guess.) And i wrote it down.

As it went along, i figured out she was an Ancient Storyteller who's telling me her story of the creation of the world! So this boxed set is supposed to be an Ancient Creation Story as told long ago, NOT as told now.

More precisely: .. .. .. It's the Late Pleistocene, the Late-Late Stone Age. .. .. .. She's the master storyteller of an old fashioned hick country close by the sane Mother Worship Folks Marija Gimbutas (a famous Feminist Archaeologist) tells of, you see. .. .. .. Her people are the down-hill Gimbutas people's screwy up-hill old country neighbors, and they love this myth she's telling. .. .. .. You read this in the set's Enclosed Documents, and by the end of those you realize who she is: .. .. .. The ultra-feminist old Queen Shaman up in those tall hills, .. .. .. To whom parents from all over bring their kids, to hear that culture's stories told the old wild way.

So this boxed set .. (other than the quite-realistic Singing Fish Tarot) .. is a leap of well-informed imagination emulating a great novelist: Tolkien!!

And it's peculiar, but why not?

So How Does This Peculiar Thing Work?

(If you only want the Singing Fish deck, ignore all this.)

~~ We're playing the old idea that divination's best done by a game of chance with mythic content and ritualized gestures.

~~ The gestures are called “Standard Play”, but any variations that are agreed and played fairly are allowed.

~~ Standard Play consists of:

~~ #1: Speaking out loud, ask the Oracle a sincere, personal, and real question about your life. You must include a straight-faced sexualized invocation of Odin's Left Eye Ball. .. .. .. #2: Select some Singing Fish cards to represent the question, and carefully position them on a symbolic map. .. .. .. #3: Throw symbolic dice at your cards. .. .. .. #4: Speaking out loud, interpret results. .. .. .. Big Plus: Results resemble the kind of quick reading the Singing Fish are good for. .. .. .. #5: Everyone's free to comment on your intepretation.

~~ By the way, it's a high-speed Competitive Party Game so the better you are at quick readings, the more you avoid embarassment.

~~ Big snag: You must do readings of sincere, personal, real, questions ABOUT YOURSELF, so you're blurting secrets to party guests. The trick: Always be obscure in your wording. Fun?


The rules in the Enclosed Documents are quite elaborate, with juries voting on penalties, and they imagine this:

If played as written, it would be a party game for making friends and seducing lovers, for there are helpful rules around having a partner.

Such that the dynamic is disciplined into civility by: Hunger for truth versus keeping your secrets; Or by: Finding a trusty partner for your secrets.

So perhaps the whole squirming mass is disciplined into civility much like any Human society anywhere.

MORE ABOUT THE MYTH: I'll mainly leave you to read the old Queen Shaman's story in the Enclosed Documents. But I will summarize thus:

~~ Her telling of the world's beginning tells: How the Human-friendly half-Human wizard Odin, .. .. (a young bstrd of regular deities on a naughty spree) (a new one on me too) .. .. He working with a Committee of Tired Women, .. .. They brought the powers of Prayer and Prophecy to Humans.

~~ Remarkably similar to what Marija Gimbutas maybe probably might have guessed was said up in the big hills then, early in the expansive days of the flat-land Indo-Europeans, if she'd been a novelist.

You probly wanna read about the Singing Fish cards, which are part of this set. If so, you should click its logo on the right edge of your sceeen somewhere. .. .. Many thanks.


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Publish Date May 05, 2021
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Why buy this?

  • You've NEVER seen anything like it before, in a small box.
  • Marija Gimbutas gets Love in the front page description.
  • Learn actual TAROT an Ancient Human way, thru play.


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.
  • This game contains laser cut components. Laser cut items will have a slight amount of soot around the edges, which can easily be wiped off; and will have a campfire smell for about a week after you open them.


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