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ATLAS TCG base set booster pack logo

ATLAS TCG base set booster pack

Sci-Fi Fantasy Horror game




Booster pack for ATLAS TCG: Secure The Wastes. Untitled-10-.jpg 187 different cards in the base set.

Each pack comes with 18 cards in total.

  • 11 - common cards
  • 4 - uncommon cards
  • 1 - rare
  • 1 token
  • 1 basic energy card

STORY The year was 2008 P.A. Post Atlas, and the future looked bright for the people of Atlas. The Ark had successfully transported humans to the distant planet, and the colony was thriving. However, as the generations passed, a deep-seated animosity grew between the factions vying for control.

Bio-Tech, the mega-corporation governing Atlas, had a tight grip on the planet's resources and its inhabitants, and their security force, the Federation, ruled with an iron fist. The Annex, a group of self-aware worker droids, had long ago rebelled against their human masters and formed their own society. The Dreg, a band of mercenaries and outcasts, fought for survival in the wastelands beyond the colonies.

Tensions between the factions continued to escalate as they fought over territory and resources. But everything changed when a powerful and mysterious source of energy was discovered: void energy. All three factions saw the potential to gain even more power and influence, and they launched into a frenzied race to harness its power.

However, the discovery of void energy had unintended consequences. The very fabric of space and time began to warp, drawing the attention of something else entirely. The Abhorrent, extradimensional beings of pure nightmare, descended upon Atlas, their shapeshifting forms twisting reality and unleashing terror upon the planet.

The Abhorrent were not interested in the factions, only in the void energy that called to them. As the factions fought amongst themselves, they were blind to the looming threat that was quickly approaching. The Abhorrent cared not for the inhabitants of Atlas, and their arrival would change everything.

Play it now on Table Top Simulator with the link below. Steam Workshop::Atlas:Secure the Rift -Playtest-

As tensions continued to rise, it was only a matter of time before the factions would have to face not only each other but also the horrors that awaited them. The future of Atlas was uncertain, and the fate of humanity hung in the balance. Who would emerge victorious in the war for control of Atlas, and could they possibly stand up against the unimaginable power of the Abhorrent?


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Publish Date February 19, 2023
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Why buy this?

  • Set in a dystopian future
  • Create and customize your own deck
  • collect special versions of cards only available here

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  • This game does not come in a box.


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