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Babylon Gardens

Abstract strategy in ancient Babylon




Choose your path wisely!
Each path will bring you different results and will condition your rivals' decisions.
As you leave a trail of water, every plant that you fully irrigate will award you precious nectar.
The nectar is the key to winning the favor of the goddess Ishtar and winning the game!

The rules of the game are really simple, in your turn:
1- Choose a path from the central well without using the same tile twice
2- Put a water gem in each tile in the path
3- Collect a nectar wink for each tile filled with as many water gems as flowers
4- Put that nectar wink in your scoreboard
5- Repeat the steps for each player until someone completes the scoreboard

Despite the simplicity, strategy can be quite deep, you'll have to consider:
-Which tiles will give the next player an advantage if you add a water gem?
-Which tiles are worth completing to mess with your rivals' strategy?
-Which tiles are worth completing based in your position in the scoreboard?
-Speed vs precision. Is it better to finish first or to get more points per wink?

-Revised rules!
-Rulebook in English and Spanish available for download!


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Publish Date December 26, 2014
Edition 1.1
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Why buy this?

  • Simple rules, deep strategy
  • A constantly changing game board
  • Beautiful art inspired in ancient Babylon

Gustavo Bazerque

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