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The only good neighbor is a dead neighbor.




Neighbors. There’s just so damned many of them, banging around, breeding, yapping, a roiling cesspool of human rodents, with their loud rock n’ rap music and their mewling pupae and their stupid mobile phones that they’re always yelling into.

And the leafblowers... the leafblowers.
“Society” says “murder” is “wrong.” But what if you could liquidate them indirectly? By summoning a demon from the fires of hell. Or raising an army of undead ghouls. And vampires. Or beaming down some vicious aliens. No jury in the world would convict you. And you could finally get some damned peace and quiet.

Unless of course, they got to you first.

In BAD NEIGHBORS, your goal is to eliminate all of your neighbors, each and every last one of the bandy-legged scum. Inflict demons, vampires, zombies, and aliens on your neighbors. Repel their attacks with the perfect defense, be it holy water or a good old-fashioned shotgun.

BAD NEIGHBORS combines fast-paced misanthropic action with nerdish culture references and humorous illustrations.

The game is simple to play and easy to learn and rewards luck and strategy about 50/50. You can blame your luck when you lose, and credit your skill when you win.

On your turn, you can attack any other player with a monster card. If the defending player has a matching weapon, they equip that weapon by placing it under a living family member card and remain safe. For instance, if you attacked with "hell mutt" (a demon) and they equip "holy water" (an anti-demon weapon), they're safe.

Otherwise, the defender must choose one of their family members to perish. Flip that card over (revealing a tombstone).

If you can't or don't attack, you may play an action card or discard to refresh your hand. At the end of your turn, you refill your hand to 4 cards.

There are two ways to win: 1) kill all your neighbors; 2) equip your family with all 4 kinds (suits) of weapon.

44 UNIQUE DRAW CARDS (monsters, weapons, actions)
1 random RARE FAMILY CARD (also to kill)
3 RULES CARDS (to confuse the young and the old)
1 BLANK FAMILY CARD (customize your deck by adding yourself, or someone you despise)
A BOX (which is slightly larger than absolutely necessary)

BAD NEIGHBORS was created, designed, engineered, and illustrated in Olympia WA, where every stinking neighbor has a band and a drumset in a daylight basement.


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Average Rating 4 reviews
Publish Date February 22, 2013
Edition 1st
Department Games
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More Info BAD NEIGHBORS web site

Why buy this?

We found it to be a humorous and enjoyable filler game. It’s a fantastic game to open a longer game night (or close one out) and fits in really well in the “filler game” category. Something no gamer should be lacking.

  • Unleash vampires, aliens, zombies, and demons
  • Easy to learn, even after multiple beers
  • Delightful and horrifying hand-drawn pen and ink art


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