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A tactical game set in an odd, yet intriguing world.




What is Banners?

Banners is a tactical game that utilizes hand-management, tile-placement, area-control, and a intriguing scoring system. Players will be placing cards from their hands to the table in an attempt to secure location cards at the end of the game. There are five factions vying for power of these locations and each faction consists of six cards ranging in value from 1-6. Player will not know what factions their opponents are making secret alliances with until the big reveal at the end of the game. Each player will end the game with 3 cards remaining in their hand and these will indicate which factions they have made alliances with. All locations are then scored and given to each faction. The player with the most valuable cards for each faction will gain all the victory points for the corresponding locations! Watch the tutorial video below for a complete overview of play.


Players will also be attempting to place cards in clever ways as to grab shiny bronze coins, which are also worth victory points. Placing a Hag card allows the player to move the Hag from location to location and then move previoulsy placed cards to a new position on the table, potentially messing up an opponent's plan or bolstering their own. Lastly, the sneaky Troll card can be played to steal a coin from any location and then allow that player to immediately take another turn.



36 Faction Cards - 12 Location Cards- 5 Faction Tiles - 4 Scoring Tiles - 3 Starting Location Tiles - 12 Bronze Coins - 4 Scoring Cubes - 1 Hag Miniature - 2 Rulesheets -


Video Tutorial


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Publish Date June 19, 2022
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Why buy this?

  • Tons of unique artwork!
  • Tough decisions to be made!
  • Strategic scoring system!


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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