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Battle of Purusharthas - Build Your Life!

Noble Qualities are the Building Blocks for a meaningful life!




What does it take to live a life that involves the principles of Dharma, Artha, Kama & Moksha? What are the Virtues and Values that must form the bedrock of these principles?

Simulate your life with this fast paced deck building game as you accumulate life events. You will journey through reflections on ‘I am, I want, & I believe’. How will you fare? Is Moksha in your cards? Jump right in and build your life! The cards can be used for dynamic play in Dharma debates, deeper discussion on the Qualities and role playing. Visit for Games, Play Ideas & Much More!

Battle of Purusharthas is a product of Games for Seva, a project under Young Indian Culture Group, Inc - a 501(c)3 not-for-profit entity. ©Young Indian Culture Group, Inc. 2018

Credits: Game Concept and Development: Rathi Raja & Madhu Allu

Card Art Design: Saniya Gaitonde, Tanya Shah & Neeya Shetty

Card Text & Quote compilation: Saniya Gaitonde, Tanya Shah

Play Testing: Saniya Gaitonde, Tanya Shah, Neeya Shetty, Abhi Allu, Maanuv Allu, Rajat Shah

Rules Booklet: Saniya Gaitonde, Tanya Shah, Neeya Shetty, Rathi Raja

Games for Seva is an initiative of Young Indian Culture Group, Inc. to develop resources and tools to enrich the learning process. It is a unique collaboration between teachers, youth and parents to reveal the depths of Vedic Heritage through game development and team work. The products are meant to entertain, educate and enlighten. Our dream is that all development is done in the spirit of Seva for a greater good. Check us out on FB here. Continue the exploration by clicking here.


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Publish Date August 22, 2018
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Why buy this?

  • Battle for your values!
  • Challenge your decision-making skills
  • Learn vedic morals while having fun!


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