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Birds and Words

Describe birds at the Aves Nature Reserve




You're an avid birdwatcher and volunteer at the magnificent Aves Nature Reserve. Your daily wildlife reports include where different bird species were seen, their number, food choices, and any bird activities. Well-written accounts give you the recognition you seek for landing future employment, perhaps someday becoming Aves' Director of Conservation.  


Using word cards, build sentences for your daily wildlife report. Earn recognition points from word values, matching sentence patterns, and finding your favorite bird. Win with the most points or, if solo, enough to reach a recognition goal.

Creating Your Sentence

Start with a captialized word. Add words from left to right using intuitive next word symbols for creating thousands of different sentences. End your sentence with an end mark (period, question mark) and score your sentence.


Finding Your Favorite Bird

It's birdwatching while creating sentences. You'll pick a unique bird from six varieties whose presence doubles word values. If a word has your bird, its value is doubled.

Matching Sentence Patterns

Earn bonus points for matching sentence patterns. Pattern cards show example words, their symbols, and interesting grammar facts about the sentence you can create.


The Sentence Diversity Bonus

Bonus points are earned for completing three difficulty levels of sentences. Collect the Food (easy) , Nests (normal), and Eggs (challenging) symbols found on pattern cards to earn a valuable bonus.

Rewarding One-Player Mode

Imagine playing solitare, but instead of being limited to 4 suits of cards, you have endless combinations of bird activities to describe. Your creativity and imagination guide gameplay.

One-player mode allows you to sharpen your skills and learn new approaches to creating different sentences. As your skills grow, so will your achievements.

  • Intern:  Scores 100 to 150 and completes 5 sentence patterns
  • Assistant Steward:  Scores > 150 and completes 6 sentence patterns
  • Steward: Score > 160 and completes 7 sentence patterns
  • Conservation Manager:  Scores > 170 and completes 8 sentence patterns
  • Conservation Director:  Scores > 180 and completes 9 sentence patterns. An incredible feat!

How To Play Birds and Words


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Cool Factors

  • Be creative! With more than 150 words and thousands of sentence combinations its fun creating a story.
  • Intuitive to play. Words have symbols showing you the next words to play. It's intuitive to build sentences, adding words from left to the right.
  • Incredible Depth of Strategy. With thousands of sentence combinations and four ways to earn points, you have several options for winning. Match sentence patterns, find your special bird, and go big with bodacious sentences are all fun ways to earn points.
  • One-player and 2 to 4 player modes for indulging in your new addiction or sharing it with others.
  • Expand Your Possibilities by adding interrogative and compound sentences with a Level 2 expansion deck.

Fantastic Educational Activity

Who would think learning grammar could be so much fun? 

Birds and Words was designed to be easy and fun for beginner readers, visual learners, and English language learners. Because it asks students to use the 5 parts of a sentence and the 8 parts of speech, it is an ideal supplemental activity that complies with many national and state English curriculum standards. See the Educator's Guide for more details. Birds and Words makes learning English grammar a fun, creative, and rewarding personal achievement event.


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Publish Date April 15, 2021
Edition Version 2.1
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Why buy this?

  • Creative: +150 words, thousands of sentence possibilities
  • Intuitive: Words have symbols showing the next words to play
  • Strategies: Find birds, New sentences - be first and diverse


  • This game contains a premium upgrade called UV Coating that makes the printed components more durable.


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