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Black Hands of Hathoway

A fast paced, family-friendly game of Battle of the Wits.




With elements of take that and trick taking, you must out wit other players to claim the most treasure using underhanded plots and cunning strategy. As a thief of the Black Hands, you can coerce members of Court into being your unwitting accomplices in this classic game of Battle of the Wits. Pull off great heists and save the King's gold ... by stealing it first.

Unique game mechanic!
Fun, fast and easy to learn!
Great replayability!
Vibrant, hand-drawn artwork!
Perfect for all ages!

Gameplay Overview:

The game is played over the course of turns called thefts. On a given theft, one player known as the Thief, will secretly choose a card to steal from the Castle.

All other players will try to predict what card the Thief will take and attempt to stop them. If predicted correctly, the Thief is caught and a reward is given to the captor. Otherwise, the treasure is taken.

Along with Treasures, Officials will be corruptible and make future thefts even more cunning and deceitful. Be warned though, as more Treasure is taken from the Castle, the stakes continue to go up and each heist becomes that much trickier.

The thief with the most treasure at the end of the game is the winner.


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Publish Date October 02, 2014
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Why buy this?

  • Unique game mechanic
  • Hand illustrated artwork
  • Easy to learn with lots of replayability


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