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Blood Drive Solitaire

A solitaire game that promotes Blood Donations

Fast, simple game of Solitaire based on the theme of the Need for Blood Donations. You are presented with A set of Blood Needs and must draw the proper donor cards to meet that need. Three donors are needed to fulfill each Need card. There are 14 Need cards in the deck. To run a successful blood drive, you will need to satisfy all of the needs cards. Just like a real blood drive, the donors don't always match the needs. Your score will be based on how many needs you fulfill.

A score of 11-13 is great, but shoot for a perfect 14 - it can be done.


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Why buy this?

I love seeing games with an educational twist and this one is no exception.

  • You already know how to play solitaire
  • Great theme with important educational component
  • Conversation starter about the need for Blood Donors




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Publish Date March 10, 2018
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Department Card Games
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