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Build your Bloodline as you reproduce and kill your way to power in this game of intrigue in the noble houses. Your goal is to spread your genes to as many nobles as possible while preventing your opponents from doing the same. Good luck, and may the strongest bloodline prevail!

Bloodlines is a game that can be played by 2-6 players. Each player controls one bloodline, which is represented by a set of nobles from the same family tree. Each living noble has one or two genetic markers, indicating which (up to two) bloodlines he or she belongs to. The genetic markers appear as tokens on the noble’s card.

The game proceeds in turns, and in each turn, the player can perform a set of actions with one or more of the nobles in his bloodline (nobles containing at least one marker for the player’s bloodline). Actions include having a baby, getting married, starting an affair, or challenging another noble to a duel.

Your goal is to use your actions wisely to build the most powerful bloodline in the game.


NOTE: This game contains laser cut components. Laser cut items will have a slight amount of soot around the edges, which can easily be wiped off; and will have a campfire smell for about a week after you open them.



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DesignerNobility Games
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Publish DateApril 24, 2010
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