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Bocce Piatta

Did your Momma tell you not to play ball in the house?
Well, now you can.
With Bocce Piatta you can play a game of Bocce just about anywhere.
Bocce Piatta is a table top version of the classic ball sport Bocce.
Players toss the Pallino disc onto a flat surface and players take turns tossing their Bocce Ball cards in an attempt to get closest to the Pallino.

Bocce Piatta comes with 12 cards in 3 pairs of warm colors and 3 pairs of cool colors, so it can be played by 2 players or up to 6 players in teams.

In addition, when you buy Bocce Piatta, you get 3 free games. We decided that it would be a waste to just put a logo on the back side of the cards, so we designed a few new games.
Well, I guess Quarters is a previously existing game, but, I bet you haven't played it like this.
Star Farmers and Star Slayers were both invented specifically to be added to these cards. They are simple dexterity games that will be fun for the whole family.

Bocce Piatta comes with:
12 Bocce Ball cards
1 Pallino disc
5 additional discs (to be used in Quarters, Star Farmers and Star Slayers)
6 Player pawns (Star Farmers)

Back side of cards:
6 Star Farmer cards
3 Quarters cards
3 Star Slayer cards




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Publish Date August 11, 2014
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Department Board Games

Why buy this?

  • Improve your hand eye coordination
  • Can be played anywhere
  • 4 games included

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