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BOOM! The Cooperative Bomb Defusing Game

BOOM! Puts you and a few friends in the role of a bomb defusing team.
BOOM! is a quick playing cooperative card game. You and a few friends join forces to disarm a bomb. Follow the set up rules and a numbered card will be designated as the bomb. The game is spent trying to learn what number that card is.
Guess right and you disarm the bomb and win! Guess wrong... well you know. (BOOM!)

Most games end in defeat, but you'll have a blast losing and want to play "just one more game" each time. When you and your team do win you feel like a million bucks.


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Why buy this?

  • Quick Set Up/Quick Playing
  • Cooperative
  • Extremely Portable




Average Rating 5 reviews
Publish Date August 31, 2014
Edition Beta
Department Card Games
Theme Hacking
Setting Alternate Present
Audience Party
Primary Mechanic Co-operation
If You Like Pandemic

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