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Boom Town

Build a city in real time entirely in your hand of cards!




Welcome to Boom Town, a city-building card game in which players race to build the most prosperous city in 7 minutes! In Boom Town, players start with a hand of cards brimming with resources and unbuilt buildings. Unlike a regular hand, however, the order of the cards and their rotation is fixed.


Each card has an action on it, and at any point in the game, you may discard a card from your hand to perform the action on it. And whenever you discard a card, the player to your right can pick it up and add it to the rightmost or leftmost side of their hand. Through this mechanic, the total pool of cards in the game never changes; what changes is their position and orientation.

With Move, you may move another card in your hand to the position adjacent to it.


And with the Build action, you can build one of the unbuilt buildings in your hand. To do so, you must discard resources adjacent to it that cover the costs of the building. Since the resources have to be adjacent, it might require some moving around of your resources before you are ready to build one of your buildings, especially if it is stuck in the center of your hand!


After you build a building, rotate the building card in your hand to the built side. It will now grant you its benefits and points at the end of the game.

Which brings us to the 3rd action. Some buildings do not grant you passive effects like Port, and need to be activated. To do so, simply discard an Activate action anywhere in your hand to activate the ability.



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Publish Date July 08, 2019
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Why buy this?

  • Quick decision making
  • Very portable and extremely small table space requirement
  • Unique real-time mechanics

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  • This game contains a premium upgrade where the printed components will be embossed with a linen texture.
  • This game does not come in a box.


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