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Candy Ghosts

Escape a haunted house crammed full of ghosts, hidden rooms & nefarious boss monsters.





Tile based, role playing, bring your own sweets kinda thing. You know… For kids.

Take turns to explore a randomly generated haunted house armed only with your wits and a curious desire to find out what a ghost might taste like.

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*Psst... there's a long list of boss ghosts waiting to be invoked for play.

This game is 100% co-operative with all players remaining in the game until the team wins (or loses).

There are, however, secret role cards for the more advanced players who wish to play competitively.

Is your friend really working for the ghosts? Are they just a vandal with a desire to smash everything? Maybe you just have the overwhelming need to escape first?

Don't get too paranoid or we will never make it out of here!


Just keep the ghosts under control and collect loot for the final boss battle. With the atmosphere changing every round and ghosts popping up everywhere, you'll never know quite what will happen next.

Included in this pack are 8 unique characters cards, 2 boss ghosts character cards, 2 dice of different colours, 38 item cards, 8 role cards, 14 atmosphere cards, 8 card stands (black), 10 mini character cards, 1 start card, 1 exit card, 29 room cards, 2 game scenarios for up to 6 players and a set of instructions.



If you meet us in person, we might have sticker packs, iron-ons, badges and tshirts to give away :}

Our beautiful header illustration is by Beck Michalak. Thank you <3


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Publish Date October 31, 2016
Edition 16.10
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Why buy this?

Om nom nom nom wooooooo

  • You eat what you kill. Just add candies!
  • Did we mention you get to eat the ghosts? Yes, you do!
  • Various game modes available, from family co-op to sabotage.


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