“Candy Grab reminded me of why I loved games so much as a kid. The entire focus of the game is to let everyone have fun as much as possible.”

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Candy Grab

A fast-paced easy to learn card game where you grab everyone else's candy before they get yours.

Get ready for CANDY GRAB. It’s easy to play, fun for everyone, and totally addictive! Be the last player with any candy cards left in your candy pile by grabbing and eating the other players' candy. Watch out! The other players may make you eat your own candy instead! It is a great family game with plenty of opportunities for any player to go from no candy, to lots of candy in a single hand. When it comes to a fun game for the whole family, CANDY GRAB is a must have game that provides hours of entertainment for all!

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Sanity Tests are a special service of The Game Crafter, where a professional editor goes though our rules for grammar, clarity, completeness, and appeal. I had this done so you can get maximum enjoyment from CANDY GRAB.


Bridge DeckBridge Deck (1 deck of 30 cards)
Bridge DeckBridge Deck (1 deck of 60 cards)
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Cool Factors

  • Perfect party game - A fast-paced, easy-to-learn card game
  • Gives one more excuse to eat CANDY,as if you needed one!!!
  • Fun for the whole family!


DesignerMatt Games
Average Rating (3)
Publish DateAugust 27, 2015
DepartmentCard Games
More InfoCandy Grab web site

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