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Canon: The Card Game (New Testament Edition Deck 2)

Canon: The Card Game (New Testament Edition Deck 2: Textual Criticism and Apostolic Fathers)
Play the card game Canon with this deck on its own, or combine it with a different deck to expand your game play options. Adds textual criticism into the mix, as it raises questions not just about the canonical status of works as a whole, but also different versions of those works and passages found in some manuscripts but not others.


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Why buy this?

  • Adds to the things you can learn, and the fun you can have.
  • Works as a standalone deck, or can be mixed and matched.
  • Simple rules, fun and quick to play.




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Publish Date September 29, 2016
Edition First
Department Card Games
Genre Religion
Theme Education
Setting Roman Empire
Primary Mechanic Strategy

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