Cards Of Chaos

Imaginary tarot cards

“Nanny Ogg could see the future in the froth on a beer mug. It invariably showed that she was going to enjoy a refreshing drink which she almost certainly was not going to pay for.”

- Terry Pratchett, Maskerade

I love this quote. And while working on those cards, I was trying to keep them as chaotic, obscure and non liner as possible.

So what can you do with them?

Try and read the future, who knows.

Use them to tell friends and family embarrassing things in the presence of reading their fortune, As in "I see you going to the dentist to try and treat that halitosis..."

Contemplate the meaninglessness of the universe.

Make up stories.

Pick a card every day and figure out how it relates to your current state of existence.

Communicate with the spirits.

This is a deck of 34 cards (plus an opening card). This is the second edition.


Poker DeckPoker Deck (1 deck of 35 cards)



Action Shots



Cool Factors

  • Chaos baby! it's just like math, but without the numbers!
  • Wonderful Art
  • encourage creative thinking


DesignerAya Rosen
Average Rating (4)
Publish DateDecember 07, 2015
DepartmentTarot and Oracles
AudienceMature / Adult
Primary MechanicStorytelling
If You LikeGame of Thrones
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